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Oppenheimer Investigations Group is a premier investigations law firm that specializes in impartial workplace and school investigations as well as trainings, executive coaching, expert testimony, and mediation services. As impartial attorney investigators, we are committed to providing conscientious and expert investigative services to uncover the causes of conflict and help our clients create and maintain safe, equitable, and harassment free spaces for their staff and students.

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Vida Thomas
Managing Partner
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Christina J. Ro-Connolly
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Amy Oppenheimer
Founding Partner
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Zaneta Seidel
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Alezah Trigueros

Our Team

Our team of 29 includes 21 attorneys, 5 writers and 3 administrative staff. We work together to provide each client a high quality product that is targeted to their needs and stays within their budget. Check out our experienced, diverse, smart, passionate team. Each of us cares about what we do and are compassionate towards our clients and the people involved in the investigations and assessments we conduct.

Fair. Timely. Thorough.

That is the name of the book our founder, Amy Oppenheimer, wrote in 2003 about conducting investigations, and that is the foundation of what we deliver. Fair, timely, and thorough investigations. Collectively, our team has done thousands of them. Each one is important and gets our undivided attention. Each one delivers insight, integrity and impartiality.

Our Core Values

We value insight – that we can focus a lens on intractable issues and bring them to light so that they can be understood and dealt with openly. We value integrity – every finding is carefully considered and reviewed by at least one other attorney to ensure we are being fair and honest, even when to do so may be unpopular. We value impartiality – we find the facts and then let the facts speak for themselves.

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At Oppenheimer Investigations Group, we are dedicated to enhancing our profession and staying engaged in our communities. See what we’ve been up to!

Get The Book

Investigating Workplace Harassment: How to be Fair, Thorough, and Legal by Amy Oppenheimer and Craig Pratt

The authors guide readers through all aspects of an investigation including planning, documenting, interviewing, weighing evidence, making a decision, and taking remedial action.

Harassment investigations are the focus of intense scrutiny in litigation. Investigating Workplace Harassment helps litigating attorneys and employment lawyers understand the why’s, wherefore’s and how-to’s of workplace harassment investigations.