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In situations when an employee’s conduct is making others uncomfortable, affecting morale, or could simply be improved upon, our one-on-one coaching might be a good fit. Perhaps a workplace climate survey revealed employee concerns about a specific individual, or an investigation determined that an employee violated a policy. You may want to pursue coaching to help them change their behavior or actions.

We can coach those individuals you choose to retain. We focus on short term coaching that allows the participant to:

  • Understand what about their behavior is problematic
  • Determine how their behavior came about
  • Work to ensure their behavior is not repeated

We have coached elected officials, CEOs, board members and line staff. Our approach incorporates both education and a frank personal discussion as to why the individual engaged in the questionable behavior.

This discussion varies, based on the individual and the situation, but could include some of the following questions:

  • Did they misread or ignore signs?
  • Did they abuse their authority?
  • Did they socialize when they should not have?
  • Did they consume too much alcohol?
  • Do they need to adjust their communication style?

Essentially, we hold up a mirror to the individual in a way that no one has likely done before, especially with powerful people who others are afraid to be honest with. We are straightforward, clear and honest while also being kind and considerate.

Coaching usually ranges between two and four sessions, with each session lasting about two hours. Our approach to coaching has been highly successful.