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OIG Service Offerings

Oppenheimer Investigations Group strives to be a one-stop shop to address workplace or school-related conflicts.


Oppenheimer Investigations Group is a premier investigations law firm that specializes in impartial workplace and school investigations as well as trainings, executive coaching, expert testimony, and mediation services. As impartial attorney investigators, we are committed to providing conscientious and expert investigative services to uncover the causes of conflict and help our clients create and maintain safe, equitable, and harassment free spaces for their staff and students.

Title IX

Oppenheimer Investigations Group offers fair and trauma-conscious Title IX investigations, hearing officer services, and training. We are well-versed in the Title IX framework and can guide educational institutions to navigate their obligations, helping to ensure a safe and comfortable learning environment for students.


Oppenheimer Investigations Group offers a variety of options to meet your training needs. We routinely lead trainings in AB1825 harassment prevention, conducting investigations, conflict management, mediation, and diversity and implicit bias. We tailor each of our trainings to address our clients’ unique circumstances so that your employees will get the most out of attending.


Oppenheimer Investigations Group offers one-on-one coaching tailored to help the recipient understand the impact of their behavior and improve their interactions with others in the workplace. We have coached elected officials, CEOs, board members, and line staff with an approach that has proven highly successful.

Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Oppenheimer Investigations Group’s experienced mediators use effective approaches and techniques to help employees resolve workplace conflicts. Our mediators ensure that all participants feel heard and discuss issues constructively, to begin the process of creating or restoring a more healthy and productive work environment.

Expert Testimony

Those looking for a top-notch expect can turn to our expert witness team, led by Amy Oppenheimer, a well-known expert in investigations. Whether working with plaintiff or defense counsel, our experts assess complex information, provide cogent deposition testimony, and explain information to the jury in a manner that is accurate yet accessible.

Climate Surveys and Assessments

Oppenheimer Investigations Group conducts independent and professional climate surveys and workplace assessments. We use surveying technology, live interviews, or a combination of both to provide employers with insight into employee satisfaction and concerns, teamwork and interpersonal dynamics, and the work environment.