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Book – Investigating Workplace Harassment: How to be Fair, Thorough, and Legal

Dec 29, 2002

“Easy-to-read, jampacked with excellent information, good examples, and readily accessible steps for investigating and managing harassment; it belongs on every manager’s desk.”  — Donald H. Weiss, Ph.D., President and CEO, Self-Management Communications, Inc.


Investigating Workplace Harassment, which was co-authored by Amy Oppenheimer and Craig Pratt, provides step-by-step techniques for investigating allegations of all types of workplace harassment.

The authors guide readers through all aspects of an investigation including planning, documenting, interviewing, weighing evidence, making a decision, and taking remedial action.

Harassment investigations are the focus of intense scrutiny in litigation. Investigating Workplace Harassment helps litigating attorneys and employment lawyers understand the why’s, wherefore’s and how-to’s of workplace harassment investigations.

Link to Amazon site where book may be purchased.Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Preparing for an Investigation of Workplace Harassment
Chapter 2 – Harassment and the Law
Chapter 3 – Investigations and the Law
Chapter 4 – Investigations: When to Do Them, Who Should Do Them, and What to Investigate
Chapter 5 – Planning the Investigation
Chapter 6 – Documentation
Chapter 7 – The Fact-Finding Process
Chapter 8 – Weighing the Evidence and Making a Decision
Chapter 9 – The Investigative Report
Chapter 10 – Remedial Actions
Chapter 11 – Post Investigation Issues and Remedies


Originally published for SHRM in 2002, copies of the book may be purchased on Amazon here.