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Amy Oppenheimer, Vida Thomas, and Alezah Trigueros Present at CALPELRA

February 1, 2017

Amy, Vida, and Alezah

Amy Oppenheimer and Associate Attorney Alezah Trigueros had a wonderful time presenting with Vida Thomas, of Weintraub Tobin, at the California Public Employers Labor Relations Association (CALPELRA) Annual Conference in December. Amy, Vida, and Alezah presented on navigating difficult situations during investigative interviews, including role-playing examples of how to deal with a difficult union representative, how to approach an investigation involving potentially criminal conduct that requires a Lybarger warning, and how to approach interviews in a culturally sensitive and culturally competent manner.

With the AWI Training Institutes for Workplace Investigators coming up in the first half of the year, our office is looking forward to presenting at even more trainings in 2018!