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Lessons From Guantanamo Bay: Rapport Building in Workplace Investigations

Sep 08, 2023

What do the Guantanamo Bay Military Commissions have to do with workplace investigations? As it turns out, more than you would think. OIG Attorney Investigator Rachel Reddick recently wrote an article for The Recorder addressing this question.

Drawing on her own background as a litigator for the Military Commissions Defense Organization (MCDO), Rachel shares insights into the utilization and efficacy (or not) of enhanced interrogation techniques (EIT). She cites research that has found EIT generally yields no useful information. The conclusion is that there are more fruitful ways to elicit information from witnesses — focusing on approaching parties with caution and humility to build rapport.

In her article, she suggests how workplace investigators can use specific report-building techniques to draw out the relevant and reliable information they seek.

You can read the full article (subscription required) on the publication website.