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How to Reign in Workplace Harassment Before Employees Quit

Oct 21, 2021

OIG attorneys Zaneta Seidel and Garrett Smith wrote an article for Employee Benefit News that published on October 21, 2021. The article discusses “How to reign in workplace harassment before employees quit.”

Most employers are aware that harassment of employees in protected categories is prohibited by law. But it is also in the best interest of employers and employees to address toxic workplace behaviors, such as bullying and abusive conduct, which may not violate the law but are nonetheless detrimental to maintaining a safe work environment and often lead to employee turnover.

To prevent bullying and abusive conduct in the workplace, an employer should: (1) Establish policies that prohibit such behavior, (2) Train employees to report it, (3) Promptly investigate complaints, and (4) Communicate transparently with staff about investigations, without violating confidentiality.

Read the article for more insights here.