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Honoring Stephen Angelides for Years of Service at AWI

Sep 01, 2017

Sue Ann Van Dermyden, Stephen Angelides, Laurie Krueger, and Amy Oppenheimer

The Association of Workplace Investigators (AWI) honored its founding Executive Director, Stephen Angelides, at a reception in Oakland, California on August 23. Steve co-founded AWI alongside founding AWI President Amy Oppenheimer and current AWI President Sue Ann Van Dermyden, and is retiring from AWI after eight years of service. At the reception, Amy, Sue Ann, and current Executive Director Laurie Krueger had the privilege of thanking Steve for his service. Amy explained to attendees that Steve shepherded AWI from a small gathering on her back deck to an international professional association with an annual budget of $1 million and 850 members. “AWI has a bright future,” said Angelides, “I hope to see it grow to thousands of members in my lifetime.”