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Oppenheimer and Thomas to Teach ‘Workplace Investigations’ Course at the University of Cape Town Law

May 18 - 20, 2022

OIG partners Amy Oppenheimer and Vida Thomas will be presenting a course on ‘Workplace Investigations’ at the University of Cape Town Law. This project is a result of Amy’s recent Fulbright Award (see announcement). Debbie Collier, an associate professor in the Department of Commercial Law at the University of Cape Town also will be presenting alongside our attorneys.

Topics that will be coved include:

  • what should be investigated
  • how to plan an investigation
  • understanding and avoiding bias
  • the law of investigations, interviewing witnesses
  • making credibility determinations
  • ethical issues
  • analyzing information to make findings
  • writing a report

The course runs from May 18 – 20. For more information and registration, please visit the university web page.