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Conflict Resolution Options to Consider Before, After, or In Place Of an Investigation

March 15, 2021

Workplace investigations are often essential for serious allegations of misconduct. But what about cases that don’t rise to the level of an investigation, or cases where no policy violation is found? And what happens after the investigation is over and the employees have to figure out how to work together again?

Conflict resolution tools like mediation and restorative processes are important options for investigators and HR professionals to be aware of. The Association of Workplace Investigators will host the webinar “Conflict Resolution Options to Consider Before, After, or In Place Of an Investigation,” on March 15. OIG attorney Ilona Turner will join other panelists as they share experiences ranging from administering ombuds programs within large institutions, piloting the use of restorative practices at a major corporation, and mediating individual workplace conflicts of all shapes and sizes. We will discuss opportunities for investigators and HR professionals to expand the services they can offer to support employees in those cases where more than an investigation is needed.


Webinar attendees will be able to:

  • Identify the core elements and strategies used in mediation and restorative processes
  • Recognize when alternative conflict resolution processes may be appropriate in addition to or in place of an investigation, and when they are not recommended
  • Propose the use of workplace conflict resolution tools in appropriate cases

To learn more or register, please visit the AWI event web page.