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CALPELRA’s 2021 Annual Training Conference

November 16 - 19, 2021

Join OIG on November 16 – 19, 2021, at the annual CALPELRA Conference in Monterey. We’re proud to be sponsoring this important event.

CALPELRA’s 2021 Annual Training Conference, the 46th annual CALPELRA conference, will be held in beautiful Monterey. #CALPELRA2021 will include about 70 great sessions, with live/real-time learning and exciting opportunities for networking and direct interaction with other Conference attendees, sponsors, and speakers.

If you’re attending, we hope you will check out OIG attorneys who will be presenting the following:

Microaggressions or Dog Whistle?  How to Differentiate and Investigate – Vida Thomas and Christina J. Ro-Connolly

Intersectionality: What Is It and Why Does It Matter to Workplace Investigations?Ilona Turner and Zaneta Seidel

Find more information and register Here.