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Kenneth Hawkins has been mediating disputes, training mediators, and working with organizations and individuals in the area of organizational development and conflict resolution for over 25 years and has provided consultation and training to establish over 350 dispute resolution programs throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. Ken was the Director of Training at San Francisco’s Community Boards, one of the first community mediation programs in the country. For more than 10 years he was a mediator for the USDA Forest Service. He has also been a mediator for the Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

Currently Ken mediates cases for the U.S. Postal Service and for the Department of Interior. In each organization, he has maintained one of the highest successful conflict resolution rates of all mediators. Ken was the recipient of the Northern California Mediation Association’s award for outstanding contributions in the field of mediation.

Ken has received specialized training in the following: Theory of Conflict and Resolution (Raymond Schonholtz), Therapeutic Models for Training (Dr. Phillip B. Ziegler), Collaborative Problem Solving (Mike Doyle / David Strauss), Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (Bill Lincoln /Tom Colosi), Transformative Mediation (Michael Paige /Judy Saul), Advanced Transformative Mediation (Baruch Busch) and Managing Public Disputes (Susan Carpenter).

Ken was on the faculty of the Institute for Intercultural Communication in Forest Grove, Oregon and has been a guest lecturer at several educational institutions.

  • Northern California Mediation Association, Award for outstanding contributions in the field of mediation

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